Light in the workshop

Light in workshop.jpg

These past few days have reminded us all that the sun will shine again and the seasons will change. While it worries me environmentally that we have had such a mild day in February that my son happily played outside without his coat on as we basked in sunshine., goodness me, it’s done us some good. I feel like things are possible again. I don’t need to rush inside to get warm and can linger to look at crocuses that are blooming and swelling magnolia buds on the magnificent tree down our street.

In the workshop, the sun travels across the room throughout the day. I can hang handles up to dry in the morning, knowing that they will be glowing in the sunshine in the next couple of hours. The time when the sun comes and warms me while I sit on the wheel is treasured. In the next few months, I will be able to open the door so that I can have the smells from outside and feel the breeze on my face as I throw pots. Spring is on its way finally.

Ros Arrowsmith